Monday, June 12, 2017


How many times in the last week have you woke up and immediately grabbed your phone? How many times in the last week have you clicked on that social media button without a second thought? Log out one day and you'll see how many times you tap that button. At least that's what happened to me.

I woke up one morning disheveled in my thoughts. Foggy in my mind but most important my spirit. The constant movement of energy being given and received. Not that anything in particular was wrong, just that feeling of being uneasy and/or overwhelmed.

Those who know me know I am a "feelings" person. Meaning if and when I feel something I feel it deeply. So for instance, when I feel like a person is genuine, I go with that. If I pick up on disingenuous traits, I go with that. When I love, I love intentionally. When I am hurt or concerned, I feel it deeply.  I trust my instincts, my feelings.

But what I was feeling I haven't always felt. Not before I took the plunge and jumped on the social media bandwagon. The feeling of constantly having others thoughts at my fingertips...the feeling from being too plugged in. So in an attempt to clear mental space I logged out of FB. The only issue with logging out alerts still come... then along comes --- let me respond to this message, let me accept this invitation, pulling me back in.

And that's when I knew if I wanted to settle my spirit I needed to be unplugged.

Deactivate your account? Confirmed.

The first day, not having the gratification of sharing or "loving" anothers' post... was tough. Once I started getting used to being unplugged... in a plugged up world I missed an important FB post. One that altered my schedule in such a way left me scurrying around. Reminding me how now interwoven social media is to my personal life. Then to add insult to injury... I have had some REALLY good status updates to share with you guys, like my best ones ever... only problem I couldn't post. 😂

Do I think social media is bad? Heck no. Do I enjoy interacting with family and friends, near and far? Sure do. But I am SO thankful I unplugged. Why? For me, freeing myself from the constant rotation cleared so much mental space. My spirit has thanked me for it. I feel more settled and have realigned my spirit to Christ and my family.

Can I work on my mental clarity while still having open accounts? Sure can. Has my alignment with Jesus being the center of my joy been taken away just by having social media accounts? Sure hasn't. Can being plugged in be a distraction from living life to the fullest? At times yes. Have I missed you guys???? Yes!!! But I will do it again and I think you should unplug from time to time too.

What I learned... unplugging isn't limited to FB, or social media. You can literally unplug from ANYTHING that has control of your creativity, hinders your drive or simply leaves you feeling 'blah'. As my favorite Aunt used to say, "I'm hanging out with myself, Chile'." I used this time to do just that... turns out I still like me. I like my Husband and our family. I like my close family and friends. I've even got this blog post out the deal. Happy Monday! ❤

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Stretch

The Lord placed an assignment in my lap, but most importantly in my heart several months ago. Going into it I assumed because I was strong in this particular area that it would be little to no effort for me. Contrary to what I believed it has been a true adjustment. Not because my skill set wasn't strong but because my assignment came with a package that I had little to no experience handling.

Often times we believe that our assignments (or blessings) come without a challenge because we deserve them, we can handle them, or simply because we want them. We tend to think that because we are skilled in a particular area that's all we will need. But that simply is untrue.

What I have learned is God never gives us assignments that we can just breeze through. Our assignments will take some type of work. No different than the Christmas present. It is beautifully wrapped but once unwrapped you are required to do some action to make the gift worth your while. 

Many of our assignments will take growth on our part. Our blessings will cause us to stretch ourselves. Some assignments will come with a lesson but many times in an area you feel you've already mastered. God wants the best for us. But we must know that He hands us assignments (whether these assignments are people, jobs, locations or seasons in our lives) in different ways. 

Remember... we are never afforded the opportunity to get 4th grade work while in the 7th grade. Plus who wants to stay in 4th grade forever? I don't! 😉 

#StretchYourself #YourAssignmentIsWaiting

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Profile Picture

Many times we never share our struggles. We only share all that's right. Our FB pages are filled with beautiful smiling pics. Our makeup is flawless, our hair in place, our outfit is just right.  But it's our highlight reel... While we are proud of the previews we show of our life movie... it is NOT all to life. Well not mine anyway.

While I have what "I believe" an amazing life, I have my struggles. I currently look NOTHING like my FB photo. I currently feel NOTHING like I felt on the picture. But yet I find myself looking for another "perfect" picture to post.

Ive been up since 3a. Doing what you ask? Checked on the toddler who whimpered. Covered the preschooler up who was curled in a ball. Readjusted the 5th grader who fell asleep with her book. Snuggling under my Husband...wishing he'd wake up to.

Sounds good and happy right?!?! But what didn't I tell you??? Oh nothing really... just the fact that I've been over analyzing yesterday. That I tried to quiet my thoughts and pray; yet somehow ended up scrolling on FB. Followed by looking up techniques to help our Bonus Baby. Ordering a birthday gift. Knowing I tend to overthink, sometimes over feel, other times feeling overwhelmed in my day. But I will NEVER POST THAT. Why?

It is not how I choose to present myself to the world of social media. I try to look at my cup as half full. Its not sexy to be all over the place... But more importantly because I am a very private person who can also be an open book. (Weird combination I know. 😉)

I say this all to say... sometimes we just have to forgive ourselves for NOT being as perfect as our highlight reel. Not as beautiful as our profile pictures. Not as well put together as we aspire to be. Forgive ourselves for having mini meltdowns from being overwhelmed. For not feeling like we think we should in a particular situation. For still not being back to our healthy weight. For not always being the picture of perfection. We are human... you and I.

And that's okay. ❤❤❤